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We have three tailored business-led programmes to help business owners acquire the skills and knowledge to boost their confidence, skills and knowledge:

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Course list & resources suitable if you have a business idea and want to launch it.

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Course list & resources suitable if you are within your first 3 years of business.

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Course list & resources suitable if you are looking to grow (people, profit, turnover, market share).

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why work with your business matters

Why work with me?

I created Your Business Matters after more than 10 years working closely with small and micro business owners (with teams up to 15 people). I found passionate, talented individuals who worked hard in their businesses. However, when they could work ON their businesses – they weren’t getting the right kind of support at the right time.

It became evident over time that there was little effort made by providers to truly listen to their needs and, matched with that – poor execution of training, coaching and achievable planning.

I have put a large amount of thought and consideration into my programme agendas. My hope is that they will help you to: map your strengths and weaknesses; gain the knowledge you lack; find the models of excellence you seek to replicate and make the connections that will make the difference.

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Shelley Rostlund | Harbour 32, digital marketing agency

Barbara is very good at connecting people; facilitating the meetings, and is respectful of everyone's time. She is fair in terms of giving everyone equal air time and works hard to ensure everyone feels valued, heard and cared for.

Shelley Rostlund Digital Consultant
Harbour 32

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